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Thread: Powering add-ons ? 2009 F8GS

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    Powering add-ons ? 2009 F8GS

    I will be adding HIDs as primary lighting, and these for fill-in/conspicuity lighting on my 2009 F8GS. Concerned about power provision, given the CAN-Bus system. Leaning towards using a Centech AP-1 direct off the battery (have one on my R11S, works nicely). Looking for feedback about Centech's Canbus compatibility with or without the relay kit, whether there are superior options, etc.
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    I have a line for the Gerbings and one for accessories- both right off the battery. If I was going to something more advanced, it would be one of the popular fuse blocks with the power trigger from the parking light bulb with the device from Twisted Throttle. Staying off the CanBus seems like a good idea. OM
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