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Thread: 2013 RT radio problems

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    2013 RT radio problems

    Anyone experience radio problems on the new RT's (2012 R1200RT)?

    Mine is not tuning FM accurately (misses some stations on search).

    Slightly distorted sound on all AM/FM/Aux input. Sound distortion is present on speakers and bluetooth (direct to helmet bluetooth connections are distortion.

    Weather Band sometimes receives broadcasts..other times not at all.. works in one spot but 2 miles away not at all.

    The dealer has powered the radio down to cause it to reset, checked grounds, swapped antennas. They've even disconnected all the add on electrical, i.e. GPS mount, running lights. so far...nothing helps. All of this has been going on since the bike was new.

    The game plan appears to be swap to a radio from another new RT. That's OK but at least one of the other new bikes has demonstrated similar symptoms.
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    My 2011 has the exact same symptoms, haven't brought it back to the dealer yet. Side note mine works great without the bike running, standing on one foot with my left hand on the antenna and my right hand on top of my head

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    don't know but.....

    ...if it was a regular radio, i'd relocate the antenna and stop at radio shack and get a noise filter and maybe a pre amp.
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