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Thread: Best "Water proofing" Spray

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    Best "Water proofing" Spray

    I use a U-bag made by JO and want info on spray water proofing products. I know that these products do not really protect contents subjected to persistent or heavy rainfall but would appreciate feedback from fellow riders.

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    Riderwarehouse suggests industrial strength ScotchGard for the Roadcrafter and Darien clothing. It seems to work well for me (water beads up and blows off instead of soaking the exterior fabric.)

    Your best bet on keeping contents dry in anything past a sprinkle is a GladBag or plastic trash bag. Helps to keep things organized also. Pack in the plastic bag, then pack the bags in the U pack.
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    Slicone Water Guard by Atsko

    This stuff is sold everywhere that sells camping gear, etc.. I have used Scotchguard too for years and years too. The one I mentioned first has been my go to for most recent years and I have no wet gear. I spray everything with it, usually once before a very long trip and maybe again IF the season gets long and I find myself camping into the rainy season more. Bright orange lid on can, easy to spot on store shelf. Its never done any harm to anything i've sprayed it on. I use it thin, just getting my materials damp with spray, not wet! Randy

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    I have a Motoport air mesh kevlar riding suit and Motoport recommends Fabric Guard 303. I use it and it works well. Here is their description:

    303 High Tech Fabric Guard is a non toxic, ozone safe advanced fluoropolymer protectant that can be used effectively on a wide variety of fabrics. It is specifically designed to provide excellent Water & Oil repellency, superior stain resistance and to prevent the formation of mildew. It protects from the harshest of environments, yet is safe enough to be used on the finest wools and silks. This fabric guard also provides high quality UV protection, which helps to prevent any treated surfaces from fading or becoming prematurely damaged by the sun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rpbump View Post
    I use a U-bag made by JO and want info on spray water proofing products.RIDE SAFE
    I typically pack my dry items in individual zip-lock bags. In addition to the dry factor, it also helps to keep things organized and with the items in individual bags, it helps to compress things down. For a water repellent, I use the Kiwi brand of products.
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