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Thread: How to repair scratches and gouges on hard bags?

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    Unhappy How to repair scratches and gouges on hard bags?

    I could really use some advice on how to repair minor damage (as in tip over) scratches and gouges to BMW hard bags? Mine went over at a standstill while making a uphill right hand turn into a driveway, and not paying enough attention. Boy, does that happen fast. The wheel cocks, and it just starts to go. No stopping it. I feel bad, I love this bike. Is the black color all the way through the bags? That would be helpful so that I didn't unintentionally make the damage worse by sanding through a surface coat and end up with some grey color splotches. I was thinking of trying to so some fine filing/ sanding on the bags then try to airbrush a flat or semi-gloss black paint onto the repair. Does that sound like it would work? What have others done for this situation? Is there a special paint, or spray that will help here? Thanks, everyone.

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    I have used auto body spotting putty and rubber bumper paint to fill deep scratches. Spotting putty and truck bed liner also works very well. I've used both.
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    I had mine come off at about 70 mph and they got a bit scuffed up.
    My self esteem took a much bigger hit, as it was because I had left both of them unlocked! At least they were empty.
    Anyway, I used 150 and 220 grit sandpaper and a random orbit sander to take out the scratches/gouges. Then some Scotch-brite to finish it off.
    Surprisingly good results. With an application of Vinylex, it's hardly noticeable.
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    right along with this thread, what can I use to clean my side cases?

    They got some stains of some sort on them and it looks oily.

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    saddlebags et al

    I had a 94 with the saddlebags matching the "Pimp White" (aka pearl silver) body color. One of the bags got scratched up and when I spoke to my friend who owns a body shop he told me that the cost of the paint was astronomical. After thinking it over I decided to snoop in an auto parts store where I came upon a display with rubberized white/grey/black spackle (sp?) trunk paint. Took the lids off and sanded them up enough to rough up the surface then shot both lids with the stuff. I was surprised at the number of compliments I received as well as how good they looked. Additionally if I scratched one of them all I had to do was wash and dry the surface and grab the can of paint to fill up the scratch. Might be worth a try.

    As for cleaning, carwash soap works well assuming there is no oil on them.



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    Quote Originally Posted by PGlaves View Post
    I have used auto body spotting putty and rubber bumper paint to fill deep scratches. Spotting putty and truck bed liner also works very well. I've used both.
    Paul mentioned truck bed liner. This is quite a testament to the Line-X brand. I'm not affiliated with any products.

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    I have fixed more than one bag with nasty scratches. I start with about 220 grit wet dry sand paper and work my way up to 1500 to 2000 grit using lots of water and clean sand paper.. I then coat it with Pig Snot, they look almost new. Just did it again on the bags on a new to me R1200R that came with scratchs on both bags from a number of get offs. They came out great.

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