Hi- I've posted this in the Gear section it might belong, upon reflection, in Airheads.
Essentially, I can't get one of the new Gerbing single controllers to work on a /6 or /7 electrical system, even though one of the new dual controllers works flawlessly.
It flashes red (overload) not red-green (low voltage, caused when you have it on while cranking). The only load on the controller is a single jacket liner, and I rarely have it past 50% or so, although the dual will regulate fine on 100% or any setting. The single will not regulate for any amount of time on any setting. It fails after anywhere from 20 seconds to 2 minutes, usually closer to 20 seconds. The first one was replaced by the dealer where I bought it. He said that the returned controller worked fine on a Honda 250. A single jacket liner is well within the specs of this controller.
This occurs on a R90/6 and a R75/7 system. Both have electronic VRs, one from Motorrad Elektric, one from Auto Zone. Both regulate 14.4 when fully charged. So does my Honda Accord and Toyota Corolla. Neither bike has any symptons of over-voltage, and the R90 has an S voltmeter.
Gerbing insists that the dual is just two singles wired to a common input, so there is no difference between the two. But there is, according to my experiences.
So, does anyone out there have experience with the new style Gerbing controllers (MP in serial number) on a similar electrical system?