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Thread: ticking sound, right cylinder

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    ticking sound, right cylinder

    After warm up on my '77 r100, there is a consistent light ticking sound from the right cylinder. Only 18k miles on it and it was completely gone through last year by cert mechanic. Any thoughts?

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    What does "completely gone through" mean? Can you say what he did? Did he use a mechanics stethoscope to isolate the exact location of the sound?

    My first thoughts would be: valve clearances, rocker arm up/down movement, head gasket installed backwards.
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    If there is no "slight ticking" from BOTH cylinders of my R75/5 - I'm in trouble.....

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    Same bike;

    R100'78 here too and its most probably the tappets slightly looser on that one side. NO big deal, as one mentioned already. Its good to hear this. An easy check, however with valve cover off. Randy

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    Loud valves are happy valves

    You should check the other side!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darryl Cainey View Post
    Loud valves are happy valves

    You should check the other side!
    I recently acquired a 1994 R100R that was in storage for 7 years. When I heard it run the left cylinder was ticking nicely, but the right was fairly quiet. Checking both cylinders clearance I found the left intake spot on and the exhaust a little tight. The right cylinder, the quiet one, was tight on the exhaust but the intake had almost zero clearance. After adjustment both sides are now ticking like a Swiss watch.

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