I have noticed the last few times I started my K75 the alternator light stayed on very dimly after the engine was running. Every time, it went out in a few moments.

Yesterday, after the engine was warm,
1) I attempted to crank engine and the fully bright oil and alternator light went to half bright and the engine did not start.
2) I let off the starter and tried again. The lights this time were full bright, and the engine started. However, it quickly died.
3) I tried to start again, and same scenario as (1).
4) Once again I pressed starter, and engine started normally and appeared to be OK. However, even with mid-range choke/mid level high idle engaged, at the first traffic light, the engine suddenly turned off.
5) It started again normally.

In the evening when I left work,
6) I pressed the starter, and the lights went dim again as in (1). I let off the starter.
7) I tried again, and it sounded like the starter solenoid hung (sounded like a loud crack or pop). I thought something broke!
8) I tried again, and everything seemed normal.

I rode ten miles to a meeting and it ran fine.

When I left the meeting two hours later, I experienced 1) above and then 5). The engine seemed to run flawlessly for the 25 mile trip home.

The battery appears to be charged and is kept on a Battery Tender Jr. most of the time, although I understand from all I'm reading on the forum that it could still be bad. I don't know the age of the battery. It was in the bike when I bought it, so it is at least 4 years old. It is a WestCo.

I suppose I should go ahead and change the battery, but I would like to know that my problem is the battery.

Does this sound like a weak battery / soon to stick solenoid issue? Or something different?

Thanks for any help!