This RALLY in Salem is just down the road now and almost no chat about it here I see. I'm proding the fire, or starting so. I'm GSGiant oriented, but find anybody on a Beemer or even another Xbike going to Salem my friend. Just seems we must be asleep at the switch or Summer Heat has y'all zoned out, or even those nasty Tornado's in the alley right recent. Hope anybody in the Middle USA has been safe, as I have watched the storms there on TV. Wow factor going on there. Clovis, CA here on my GSA1200 of 5 years now and getting excited about Salem and Oregon again. I have travelled to all the back East rallies too, so no excuses out there, y'all get them scooters, rigs fired up, polished and think'in rid'in West very soon. Canada, come on down, love your country too and have missed riding up there my last few years. Mexico too. WE always get a few countries in the mix, riders from afar. Even Florida and Alaska are afar. Who's got that long distance trophy space made already? I got a Friend coming from NHampshire, GSA'ing Matt I met last year at the Arkansas GSGiant Camp. Some best friends from Columbia SC on their RT/Trailer rig too will be crossing to Salem. I look forward to meeting all these folks and more. Not ONE word from my California Brethren. I must be cut from different cloth, grew up in Virginia. ANYHOW, lets not keep this a dead zone, forum page rusting, regarding Salem. I'm just speaking my mind here, y'all wake up, are ya still able to do this? This "Polarbear" will make an effort, usually do. Happy Trails, Randy....PS;HAYFORK,CA., GS Camp, July 14th for one night. (ALL welcome)ITS OUR South to North gathering of the GSGiants and guests, en route to Salem. This locale is a very pretty area of NCal and won't disappoint anybody from far or close. GSGiant Playbooks will come to many signed up and you can play hard at it, as you wish. See y'all, RandyGSA1200, red/white, looks like I travelled the all of NAmerica with stickers all about its panels. Can't miss me.