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Thread: K1300 Gt final drive leak

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    K1300 Gt final drive leak

    Bought a 2010 K1300 Gt to replace my 09 lost in a fire. This was a consignment sale from a Michigan dealer, bike had 4500 miles at purchase now has 5300 miles. Seeing some oil spots on rear wheel and can detect some seepage at rear drive seal. My warranty is up in July. Although a minor leak now my thoughts are its only going to get worse. My 09 started leaking at 45000 miles. I hear horror stories on the repair outcomes hope I have better luck. Will keep you posted. One dealer told me the bike was not used enough causing possible seal issue. Sounds like BS.

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    Yeah, me too, make 'em fix it.
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    Please keep us posted.

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    First, get the drive properly service by draining the old oil while hot, then refill with the correct quantity of correct gear lube. The dealer may be willing to cut you a deal on doing this first as a diagnostic step. It's possible the drive has been over-filled, or filled with incorrect lube. Since this was a consignment sale the dealer is not directly responsible for the condition of the bike, but can help you out with the warranty service if the drive proves to have a problem.


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    Drain FD and refill with 180 ml of BMW SAF-X. As I recall, the original 220 ml FD refill volume was associated with seal leakage.
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    I had mine done last summer with 15K-16K kilometers on it. (~10,000 miles) It starts seeping as you describe. Because of the low volume it is best to have the seal replaced ASAP. The dealer in Calgary did it on warranty (Bought it there new so you'd expect that) but it only took a couple of hours and the bike now has an additional 9K kilometers since with no sign of failure. The horror stories of final drive failures is disturbing but I am hoping that this is a thing of the past with the addition of a drain plug on the drive suggesting that it being a sealed unit forever is not a good idea.

    Good luck.

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