Just bought a Z1R 'Ace' helmet. It is an open face with full pivot visor. I have to say, for an inexpensive helmet, it appears to be very well made with nice features. Full face shield that tilts up. The visor is slightly 'pointed' at the bottom for a more streamline appearance. It has the 'extended' jaw line, not like the old school open face helmet. The sides of the helmet extend forward almost as if a full face has had its front chin bar removed. The liner is removeable, and the cheek pads come in various thicknesses. It has two closeable vents on the top.

And here's the best part,it is made in the LONG OVAL shape for us American watermelon head types! I had not found ANY helmet that fit me like my Arai Signet does, but this comes with in 90% of the fit and comfort. So if you need a long oval helmet, you may want to consider Z1R.

Cost..about $120.00 bucks!

(I am in no way affiliated with Z1R helmets!)