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Thread: R1150RS windscreen on R1100RS

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    R1150RS windscreen on R1100RS

    Has anyone used the larger 1150 windscreen on an 1100 without using the additional bracket from the 1150? I have an 1150 screen but no bracket. It looks like it would be OK as long as you kept it in the lowest position.

    Any experience?

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    My '96 R1100RSL wore an R1150RS windscreen but it had the middle bracket. The 1150 screen gave a bit more protection than the stock screen, and I thought it looked better as well.

    If I remember correctly, the bigger screen's upper mounting holes were beyond the reach of the fairing's mounting bracket, only the two lower holes could be used without the middle bracket. Without more support, I would not have ridden the bike with the bigger screen even in a lowered position. YMMV.
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    That is the setup I have on my bike, and use the 1100 windshield mount with only 4 screws. Worked fine for 20K so far.

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