Hello Everyone. I'm leaving Central Illinois on June 27th for a 33 day ride to Alaska, Deadhorse, then down to the Rally in Salem. I'm a wimp so even though I'm taking a tent and bag, just in case, I've actually got hotel reservations all the way up and back to the Rally.

I will be arriving in Fairbanks on July 7th, spending a night in Coldfoot on the 8th. Riding up to spend the night in Deadhorse on the 9th. Taking a shuttle to the ocean and riding back down to Coldfoot on the 10th. From there, I head back down to Salem for the Rally. From there, I head down the coast to San Diego. And finally back to Central, Illinois.

It's a bit of a rush I know, but nothing too difficult. If anyone is riding up that way and would like to get together, let me know. My GSA is ready to go and I'm down to just waiting for the 27th to get here.