View Poll Results: Have you had and at least one Counterbalance Seal or Engine Output Seal Fail?

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  • 2005 Model Year

    7 13.73%
  • 2006 Model Year

    4 7.84%
  • 2007 Model Year

    7 13.73%
  • 2008 Model Year

    3 5.88%
  • 2009 Model Year

    4 7.84%
  • 2009 Model Year

    2 3.92%
  • 2010 Model Year

    0 0%
  • Multiple Seal Failure. Note: Please note year model in a comment.l

    3 5.88%
  • No Seal Failures, Note: Please note yar model in a comment

    42 82.35%
  • Final Drive Failures

    5 9.80%
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Thread: Poll: Engine output seal and/ or counterbalance seal leaks on your r1200.

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    Martyhill, did you ever own a 2005 r1200gs?

    That is great about the almost zero problems with your bikes. My main riding buddy has a 2005 r1200gs just like mine and has not had any issues with his bike other than the right blinker not working sometimes. The other day he sprayed electrical contact cleaner into the ignition/key switch to get the grease off of the top and now his blinker works. Go figure.

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    Went riding off rode today and the dust make the oil for the leaking seals stand out.

    Yep either my engine output seal or counterbalance seal is leaking again. This with be the eight time the bike will be broken apart for the repair.

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    No seal failures - 2008 R1200GS - 28K miles

    No seal failures - 2008 R1200GS - 28K miles

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    Bike is leaking again, scheduled an repair appointment for 06-29.

    Well the end of June my bike will be at Bloodworth BMW for my leaking engine output and counterbalance seals. This will be the 8th time the bike has been broken in half to "repair" the seals.

    BMW NA told me last week that "the only solution to your bike is to replace the engine" Fortunately all the repairs have been covered under the factory warranty or the 2 year parts and labor warranty.

    BMW after 7 years of asking for a buyback offered me $1,241.17 for my bike. I politely declined their offer.

    I have had many problems with my r1200gs and could not get anyone to help me. The only way I ever heard from BMW corporate was by posting on their facebook page and on other social media. They pay attention to social media so post every day.

    This is the contact information you need to reach BMW Motorrad NA;
    Anthony Cavanaugh is TEAM Leader in charge of pre-litigation and vehicle buy-back. His email is His direct line is 201-263-8215

    CEO Ludwig Willisch at
    Vice President Hans Blesse at
    When in doubt contact a lemon lawyer, that gets BMW?s attention.
    Let me know if I can be of any additional help.

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    2009 RT 10,000 miles ,

    Only issue was a one fuel strip replaced under warranty. Otherwise routine maintenance only & brake line recall is it!
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    '09 Black Metallic Sapphire "Fully Farkled" RT

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    Assume the mods will close this thread as well. You and it are getting very boring.
    Marty Hill
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    No problem Martyhill, thanks for all you input

    Hope to see you at one at the rally. I might be riding a Suzuki 650 Adventure.

    Thanks again

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    Yes I owned 2 '05 1200GS's. Zero problems. '06/'07/'08/'09/'12 as well.
    Marty Hill
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    Glad to hear marty

    My best friend and riding buddy has a 2005 R1200gs red just like mine and never had any problems with it. No leaks at all. If yours has not leaked by now it probably never will leak.

    Good for you and most of the other 2005 gs riders.

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    2005 R12RT. Had a final drive go under warranty at 17k miles, been fine ever since.
    Rob C. , Raleigh, NC
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    2005 GS bought new. No leaks so far 83k miles. No warranty work except for the 5 recalls.
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    05-GS Rock Red 101k miles
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    Summary of problems with BMW NA and the MOA Forum

    Several people asked why I waited 7 years to "demand" a new bike. The answer is that I did not wait. I have been asking for 5 years. It took three years to reach Anthony Cavanaugh. I spoke with the 1-800 customer service employees many times. They were nice but would not pass me up to the next level. I only received a call from Anthony after posting on the Motorrad facebook page asking for help.

    The very first time that I had the bike repaired it was one month before the 3 year factory warranty expired. Most lemon laws state that you must have 3 or more repairs for the same problem during the warranty period. So it would have been difficult to win under the lemon law rules of TN.

    If nothing else good comes out of this at least the members will know how to reach Anthony Cavanaugh(pre-litigation and vehicle buy-back manager). His direct line is 201-263-8215

    Two weeks ago is the first time that BMW declared that "I have a unrepairable and defective bike and the only solution is a new engine". It took seven years for them to admit this and that is why I have started this email and social media campaign at this time.

    You are right, $1,241.17 is an insulting amount of a buy-back offer and that is what got me all fired up and pissed off. If Anthony would have offered normal trade-in value I would have accepted it and bought a new bike and that would have been the end of the story

    I agree that the MOA needs a more powerful voice to be able to influence BMW NA to take a second look at problems when they occur.

    As an example: I talked to the MOA staff 5 years ago and the only solution they had was to put me in touch with the MOA liaison person. I think his name was Jim. Jim was very nice and was kind enough to make a few phone calls for me but Jim admitted that he does not have any power to get anything done.

    So the MOA forum moderators had no clue how to contact BMW. There helpful information was to give me the customer service 1-800 number. Trust me, the customer service reps are very nice but are nothing but talking heads.

    Being a moderator has to require a lot of time and I appreciate them being willing to donate it. The forum would not work without their help.

    It nothing else good comes out of my saga I hope that the forum will demand that the MOA get some "balls" and find out how to make BMW pay attention.

    All right, I am off my soap box and will not be posting any new threads on this subject.

    Thanks for all the positive replies and suggestions. I hope you have a good summer.

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