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Thread: Upside down

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    Upside down

    Posted some bike pics and they uploaded upside down?
    Any fix for this?

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    Mitchell -

    I think the only way is to correct them before you upload them. You'll need to use a program to do that. Windows Paint can do it. Load the image, select the image rotation and then 180 degrees. Save the image out to a new name. Go back to your original post, and select manage attachments. Delete the old ones, upload the new ones.

    If you have a problem doing that, let me know and I can help out.
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    The Microsoft Office Windows Picture Manager will also do it:
    Just click "Edit Pictures..." in the upper toolbar, and "Rotate and Flip" will become a choice in the right-side tools. You can also add the 90-degree Flip buttons directly to the upper toolbar by expanding and exploring the pull-down extender ("Add or Remove Buttons") there.

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