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Thread: Ride With the Wind!

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    Ride With the Wind!

    Sorry guys, it wasn't my idea, but our hurricanes are already pumping.

    We are so far down in Florida that they are swinging past us (so far), but while checking the weather maps I just realized that it could be a bear of a ride coming from the southeast towards Ohio. Maybe we'll get a let up by the time of the rally.

    Can't make it this year. Wish I could be there, but if I did I'd have to pack my high wind tent and training wheels.

    For you travelers, "Ride with the Wind, Bullseye", and ride safe.
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    See Ya!

    I'm in the middle of packing the bike in order to leave in the morning. Current plans are to ride to Jacksonville area to visit a brother and sister, providing Dennis dowsn't mess it up too badly. Next weekend is VaBeach for a ship's reunion, then ON TO LIMA! See y'all there or on the road. Ride safe!
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