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Thread: Thoughts on life in Germany

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    Quote Originally Posted by EMSimon View Post
    He is looking for the "best quality of life". I am saying that Germany is not the place he'll find it. I am constantly comparing Germany (which is the country of my birth and citizenship) with other countries , like the U.S. (residence), Canada (business travel) and Italy (favorite regular vacation spot), for example, and I can definitely say, considering income, taxes, benefits, cost of living, real estate, Germany is NOT the place I would want to live right now.
    Taking a temporary assignment and experiencing a different culture and country is a different issue and I would recommend to anybody who has the chance to do it.
    Let me ask a question. Do you work for the US subsidiary or the German corporation?
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    Quote Originally Posted by 36654 View Post
    Let me ask a question. Do you work for the US subsidiary or the German corporation?
    Don't understand your question. I run the U.s. subsidiary. Legally I am a U.S. employee, but I consider me working for the German corporation.
    Don't see how that would influence my arguments about "quality of life" in Germany...

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    OK already!!! if I were in your shoes I'd go, I was born in Belgium raised in Florida, served 8 years in the US Army proudly at that, I was based in Wiesbaden Germany, Korea and various other locales. I live in Texas now and loving it. Having said all that and politics and opinions there of aside I think you have a wonderful opportunity at your feet. Even if you break even just to be able to say "I drove through Europe and lived there", awesome!
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