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I encourage you to go. Just being in a different country is an education. In Germany you will be able to visit other countries easily. When there I love being in places and buildings that are several hundred years older than anything in North America. It puts a different perspective on things.
Walter. I lived in Germany for 2 years while in the military ('73 thru '75). Was stationed in Mannheim and lived in a town where me and the couple that I lived with were the only Americans (Heppenheim... about halfway between Heidelberg and Darmstadt). It was a wonderful experience, and as someone here stated earlier, your kids will benefit a lot from that experience. I encourage you to travel with your family, learn the language, stay away from American enclaves as much as possible, and have a great time there. For me, it was an experience that I will always be greatful for. Best of luck to you.