Hi All, It?s been a few weeks since I posted up any progress here, personal and work commitments have kept me away from the bike. Anyway, today I was able to get back at it and still thinking I was chasing an ignition problem I found the bike would run as well on one cylinder as it did with both at low rpms with the right plug wire removed. It did seem to smooth out and run well with no load above 3000 rpm with both plug wires in. Still seeing a clear difference in the spark I continued to chase the weak spark theory. I picked up a spark gap tester and was happy to find the right spark was much weaker than the left although it did seem to change in intensity on either side. As a final conclusive test and knowing this bike has, I believe, a wasted spark system, I switched the plug wires at the coil expecting to see the side that ran the bike switch from the left to the right, it did not and still found It could start and run with only the left side plug wire in (and the weaker spark) and not vice versa.

As I thought the above was odd I did a compression test and the left cylinder was above spec at 175 lbs. and very little compression maybe 20 lbs., on the right. Actually feeling good about this I figured I would find maybe the valves were to tight and held open but when I pulled the valve cover all seemed to be in order and operated normally. The valve clearance was good with all four valves closed. I assume if there is carbon built up on the valves I would see a difference in the gap with the valves closed. So I'm perplexed again and I suppose the next move should be a leak down test. Is there any normal reason I would see what I'm seeing? Any advice? Thanks in advance.