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Thread: Throttle Controls? Throttlemeister vs. Kaoko,etc.

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    Throttle Controls? Throttlemeister vs. Kaoko,etc.

    I've always had Throttlemeisters never any other. Do the Kaoko's require the occasional adjustment like the TH's, (esp. with grip heaters)? The Crampbuster is not logical for me as my rt thumb is sort of "abused at the joint", so whats the best one for a 2012 G650GS ? I don't want elc. control.
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    Had both;

    My current GSA1200 is with Kaoko unit for 5 years now and I have no issues, no adjusts. Ive had all the cruise controls by BMW too, electric and all else and find my current Kaoko manual control CC is just perfect. I don't miss any of the others Ive had thru the years. The knobs on the Kaoko are what make it so easy to use. Randy

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