Went for a ride with the wife yesterday and took a road home that i know well. Nice road two lane out in farming country. This streach of the road as we were traveling, Hwy 250 between I 65 and Paris Crossing, has two 90 degree turns then it straightens out but then comes a rather large hump in the road that i have on a few occasions in my younger days ramped over to get a little air born, nice little rush. You cannot see over it. As i crested the hill way less than fifty feet away there sit a hay mower\ conditioner with the person backing up the tractor to hook up to the machine, it must of come unhooked when he came over the hill. The right lane was blocked with the mower and the tractor had 2\3 of the left land blocked with it's ft end. OMG no time to be scared, on the brakes and go for the little bit of space i did have to the left. I know i heard two different noises from my tires,Anakees, ft and rear, but no squealing and i was able to steer around with no contact. Anyone that knows what a mow conditioner is knows the rear part of the machine has a nice deflector on it made out of sheet metal that would of cut us into, is what i was thinking at the time. Never want to go through that again. If i would of been on another bike i have without ABS i know it would of been a sliding.