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Thread: Found out how much i like ABS.

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    Found out how much i like ABS.

    Went for a ride with the wife yesterday and took a road home that i know well. Nice road two lane out in farming country. This streach of the road as we were traveling, Hwy 250 between I 65 and Paris Crossing, has two 90 degree turns then it straightens out but then comes a rather large hump in the road that i have on a few occasions in my younger days ramped over to get a little air born, nice little rush. You cannot see over it. As i crested the hill way less than fifty feet away there sit a hay mower\ conditioner with the person backing up the tractor to hook up to the machine, it must of come unhooked when he came over the hill. The right lane was blocked with the mower and the tractor had 2\3 of the left land blocked with it's ft end. OMG no time to be scared, on the brakes and go for the little bit of space i did have to the left. I know i heard two different noises from my tires,Anakees, ft and rear, but no squealing and i was able to steer around with no contact. Anyone that knows what a mow conditioner is knows the rear part of the machine has a nice deflector on it made out of sheet metal that would of cut us into, is what i was thinking at the time. Never want to go through that again. If i would of been on another bike i have without ABS i know it would of been a sliding.

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    Nothing like having 100% of the braking/traction threshold calculated and used in a split second. Those that say a professional in a controlled situation can stop faster are correct (maybe), but when the ship hits the fan, and the adrenalin is dumped into the body, I will take ABS every time.

    Glad it turned out good, you only need it once for it to be priceless.
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    Man, reading that account just flat gives me the old creeps and does make me wish I hadn't lost my mind and removed all traces of ABS system from my '04RT. I can just picture that heart stopping event as you crested that hill...OMG!

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    Only used my 04 RT's ABS twice, but glad it was there both times.

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    Had a similar, but not as harrowing an experience on my '04 GS. I crested a hill on a very wet 2 lane road with a center turn lane. My view field was immediately filled by the broadside of a school bus that had turned right coming out of a small side road. It had filled my lane and the center turn lane. I immediately grabbed probably too much brake and headed for the hopefully open open left side of the road. Forunately the bus' decreasing turn radius opened up a sliver of the center lane by the time I got there and I was able to slip by without encroaching into the left oncoming traffic lane. That is the only time in 50,000 miles of riding the GS I've ever been aware of my ABS kicking in and feel reasonable certain it saved me from going down.
    I agree that when the adrenalin kicks in optimally controlled braking suffers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PETDOC View Post
    I agree that when the adrenalin kicks in optimally controlled braking suffers.
    NONE of us can "optimally control" braking as well as can ABS in poor traction situations.
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