I have learned that periodically standing up while riding provides a relaxing break from the "normal" riding position....great for the rear end, knees and hips. However at 6'3" standing is not always easy to do ergonomically...if the bars are too low, I can't hold the grips and stand straight up.

When I first got my (2006) R1200GS I had this issue and solved it with a set of bar risers. Now that bike is quite comfortable to stand straight up on.

I also have a 2008 1200RT (I'm the second owner) and this bike seems even more of a stretch to stand on. When I attempt to stand I have to bend at the waist or bend my knees...neither of which is as relaxing as I'd like. I believe that the PO already lowered the pegs, so I should be getting the benefit of that. Guess this leaves bar risers...which is OK, but 1" doesn't seem like it would solve my issue.

Anyone else solved this issue?