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Thread: Is the clutch assembly interchangeable between K1200s & K1300S HP

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    Is the clutch assembly interchangeable between K1200s & K1300S HP

    Trying to install a slipper clutch in 2012 K1300S HP, aftermarket assembly will not fit, however it fits a K1200S, has anyone any knowledge??

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    Not the same?

    If you go to any of the dealer sites and look for part numbers, you will see that maybe 3 of the many parts have the same numbers, they are the bushing,stop disc and grooved ball bearing....probably $120 of the +/- $1000 package.....

    Or are you asking if anyone has knowledge of a slipperclutch that will fit?
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    Fat-Cat Slipper Clutch

    Before doing through due-diligence I ordered a Fat-Cat slipper clutch marketed as the only one engineered for the K1300S. So, after receiving it Monday I eagerly made an appointment to have it installed by a well respected dealer only to be told they couldn't do it because it's not compatible (from having previously attempting to install one). Now I'm trying to get the vendor to take it back and credit me. From the lack of activity on this thread, I can only assume that the OP and I are the only ones attempting to find an application for this bike.

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