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Thread: K1300GT brake fluid change Difficult? Different ?

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    Question K1300GT brake fluid change Difficult? Different ?

    I phoned to check on having my brakes flushed on the 2010 K1300GT and was told it could cost somewhere between and extra $75 to $240 depending on the type of brakes my motorcycle has. I looked over the method of flushing brakes on the K models in the forum and found that it was lengthy but not difficult, if one follows each step thoroughly. If you know of a different type of brake system that was used on the K1300GT that would make it difficult, please tell me what I should be looking for on my bike and the steps that I would need to take. Thanks

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    The later K1200GTs and the K1300GTs do not have the servo brakes and are very straight forward to do a fluid flush on. There's nothing really different about it than any other ABS equipped bike. The earlier bikes (pre-2008) had the servo brakes and those are a bit more involved to flush.
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    Smile Thanks - did the bleeding again tonight. Test day tomorrow.

    Here is hoping!!!

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    I just did it yesterday. If you have a GS911, you can activate the ABS motor which will flush out any air and old fluid from the ABS circuit also. If you don't have one, don't worry about it.
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    Will the GS911 operate the ABS pump on the K12S with servo brakes as well? I'm about to do a brake fluid change and want to make it as painless as possible.

    I will need to get a GS911, but I think they're a required tool if one keeps a bike a long time. Any recommended source for the GS tool??


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