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Thread: Squeaky seat

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    Squeaky seat

    So i went to my first rally in 12 years last week and when I came home I noticed I had a squeak in my seat when lifting and lowering my seat. This was never hear before. This was my longest 1 day ride at about 4.5 hours and I have just about 2000 miles (3000km). The squeak is the seat rubbing on the gas cap.
    Has any one else experienced this.
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    Yep, mine does it - the seat rubs against the inside of the fairing near the top when you open it. Mine did it before I got the seat refitted (Russell), and still does it even though they tried to trim away from the foam at the interface. Seems the seat pan and/or brackets position the seat a bit too close to the fairing when it's tilted up.

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