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Have you ever bow hunted???????

I've shot deer with a bow that literally died standing on their feet after my broadhead passed completely thru their heart and lung.

Ethical bow hunters would not take a shot they didn't believe would result in a quick and clean kill. And the hundreds of thousands of deer that are harvested by bow hunters annually mean that many less on the road which reduces deer/motorcycle collisions.

We need more hunters.

Seriously, people don't have time for it. What we know of hunting is something that occurred after the conservation movement and the great depression. People had the time to hunt (the first week of deer season was a typical vacation period awarded based on seniority in many factories) and the game populations were maintained by the state agencies. Today, paid vacation is a disappearing commodity and the amount is ~10-days per year. In the 70's, the typical employee had 20~25-days of paid vacation after 25-yrs of service.

So, unless you're really hardcore or can live without an income, hunting is a major consumer of the precious available free time for most employees and, therefore, the number of participants has dwindled. Of course, then there is the land use issues and access and lease fees.....that some hunters advocate to maintain their hunting territory. Just try being a land owner near a group of avid hunters........everything is fine as long as you only let them hunt on your property. Let anyone hunt on your property and you'll have all sorts of fun come hunting season. I've never had an angry phone call from a Bambi lover, but I can count on at least 5 per deer season from angry hunters complaining about other hunters or making silly propositions ranging from asking to plant deer feed on my property (i.e., bait) to offering illegal drugs as lease payment.

Have a good one.