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Thread: Darien backpad

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    Darien backpad

    Googled and tapatalk not working right .
    What is your favorite backpad for Darien . Had Roadcrafter with 'stitch backpad . Looking for something better . Got a Darien for commuting .I want to keep it simple and just velcro it in .Got a Rallye 3 for touring , and Klim for dirt .
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    I had the Aerostich "standard" back pad in my Darien. Never "road tested" it but it seemed to offer decent protection. The problems I had with it is it pushed up the collar of the jacket when I was sitting on the bike, until I cut 2" off the top end. And it blocks a good portion of the jacket's rear vent. Seemed kind pricey for what it was. I'd look elsewhere next time, I think.


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    I've been told the transit backpad inside the darien adapter sleeve is quite nice... it's also quite expensive.

    I've also read that the Aerostich TF5 is the same as the SAS-Tec. If that is true then you can get the SAS-Tec back protector for less than 1/2 the price. You'll still need the adapter sleeve to put it in a Darien. That's on my list of "things I might do someday".

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