I have two K bikes- an 88 K100RS, and an 02 K1200 RS.
Both have similar mileage- just over 50K. Last year, My K100 was found to have worn out completely its rear brake rotor. Now, my K12 is having ITS rear brake rotor replaced. It seems ludicrous to me that the rotors have worn to the point of having to be replaced after +/- 50K miles...

Am I delusional?
Is this planned obsolescence?
Or cheap product placement to insure revenue for dealerships?
If the front is where all the braking power is, am I over using my rear brakes, if the rotors are wearing out?

Of course, my own opinions on my riding techniques, skills, etc. may not match realities but I don't feel like I spend too much time on my brakes, or that I brake too much, etc.

What does everyone's experience tell them about brakes & rotors?