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    I currently ride a RT cam head which I really like but I have an itch that may need scratching. I do have to stay on my tip toes but have little trouble with the bike. I am considering a LC and may go with the GS. I was thinking about the low suspension. I have ES on my RT but find that I rarely change it unless touring with luggage. I might add that I am 69, 5"9" (and shrinking ) and do not ride that aggressive any more. My thought is that if I go with the low suspension then I can have a custom seat made that will place me at the right height. Other than than the possibility of a less desirable resale value, are there any other negatives which I may be missing by getting a low suspension.

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    Hello, I own a lowered GS. I'm 5'8" with short inseam. I owned a r1200r and could only hit the balls of my feet, the same goes for my GS. It does feel narrow and allows better contact to the ground. I have only 1200 miles and dropped it 3x with the wife while trying to turn around in gravel or un even dirt roads. I have no issues while riding solo. As for disadvantages, I wouldn't know. I jump off curbs run canyons aggressively, I just can't figure out running through light sand. I don't have a lot of miles, but I make them count. My bike is equipped with all options, I have Touratech crash bars, luggage rack and boxes, and Pelican box with back pad for the wife....its heavy. I'm not log hopping or rock climbing so clearance doesn't seem to be an issue. Let me know if I can answer any other questions.

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    I just got one

    I just (yesterday) picked up a GS1200 with a lowered frame. I am 5-10. I got the lowered frame because the stock frame had me on my tipple toes. since I expect to spend 99% of my time on pavement, I wanted a bike I could handle on the day I put my foot in a pothole. I think I made a good decision.

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