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Yeah, I know how they work. Supposedly.
On they other hand I'm the only one here, so guess who stripped it?
I should invest in a little torque wrench I guess, one that clicks so I don't need my readers on to use it.
I'm always amazed by these posts. Holy Crap, (can I say that?) there are some smart fellers posting comments. I can say, with absolute certainty based on 35+ years as an HD Mechanic, torque wrenches, good ones, can easily be your best friend, and an enemy.

I had a situation very recently where we were torquing a cylinder head with "torque to yield" head bolts. Followed the book, seemed odd at the time the torque was so high, but.......Snapped the first three head bolts at the final torque. Pulled the head, removed the remainders, tried again with new bolts, SNAP!

Torque wrench calibrated in August (Certified), head bolts OEM. Service manual, one serial number out of sequence.

Trust you gut instincts every time.