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Thread: Generator light on,voltmeter showing 13v charge

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    Generator light on,voltmeter showing 13v charge

    I've this bike 23 yrs and found a new to me issue...The Voltmeter is showing a good charge,but the gen. light is on..Sometimes GL will go out,and VM is still showing charge....Any ideas as to where to start looking? Bat. is fully charged,brushes are fresh...

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    Welcome to the forum! Do the measurement of the voltage using a known good voltmeter hooked directly to the battery. I presume your current reading is from a fairing voltmeter which is plugged into a different part of the circuit and are usually only a guesstimate.

    You should really be getting more than 13v more like 14v to really have charging. If you're not getting close to 14v at the battery, then there's something wrong with the charging system.
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