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Thread: Saddlebags for 650 GT

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    Saddlebags for 650 GT

    Any thoughts of which saddlebags would work well with the 650 GT? I have been looking at the Givi soft bags but not sure how to differentiate them from other companies. I am looking for easy installation, stable placement and easy removal.

    Let me know if any of you have some thoughts. I already have the top case but on occasion need more storage.


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    I have a pair of older Nelson-Rigg bags that I used on the /6 that seems like the will work on the scooter I just bought. Haven't really figured how I'll tie them down on the bottom end but will figure that out when I get back from Salem. With a Helen 2 Wheels bag across the pillon with camping gear should be pretty stable. Plan on using the scoot to go to Franklin, Ne in August.
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