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Thread: No more Metzler ME880 for me - now using Metzler Z6

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    No more Metzler ME880 for me - now using Metzler Z6

    Metzler no longer makes the ME880 in the 170/60R17 size that fits my 2002 R1150RTP. I've had great experiences with this tire, and I'm sad to see it go away. I've been getting 12k miles per tire, which I think is pretty extraordinary mileage for a m/c tire.

    My mechanic recommended - and installed - the Metzler Z6 as the next best option. I'm hoping the Z6 provides the same wet weather performance (I'm in Seattle) and lifespan as the ME880.

    What type of tire life have Z6 users experienced?
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    Metzeler Z6 Mileage

    When I had the Metzeler Z6 tires on my 2005 R1200RT, I was able to get about 6,000 miles out of them. They performed a lot better than the original equipment tires, the Bridgestone B020.

    I don't know what mileage you would get on a GS with the Z6's, especially if you go off road with them. A lot depends on your riding style, road surfaces and inflation psi's. I ride on paved roads, both twisty two laners and Interstates. I also inflate my tires to 38 psi in front and 41 psi in the rear. If I am touring with additional weight in the side/top case, I increase the inflation by two more psi's in each tire.

    You are fortunate to get the Z6's, since the Z8 has replaced them. The Z8 Interacts are what my dealer stocks. I have the Metzeler Z8 Interact's on my current bike, a 2009 R1200R and I am on my third set of them since I removed the original equipment Continental Road Attacks after about 7,000 miles. The Z8's are especially good on wet roads, as well as, dry roads. I have averaged 9,000 miles on these tires. The R1200R is about 92 lbs. less weight than a R1200RT. I don't know what the weight difference is on a GS compared to the R1200R, but the GS is probably heavier than the R1200R.

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    I had 2 sets of z6's on my 02 R1150RT, got about 6k on each set. Didn't like the lack of an effective tread wear indicator though. I've been heard the z8's have sipes that cover more of the tires eliminating the you have cords showing "surprise". They do work well in wet weather. Had good luck with a set of Dunlop Sportsman's, got about 8k on those. A set of pilot 3's are getting mounted next week. Heard a lot of good things about them.

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    Metzler rep spoke at presentation at our dealer last week. Recommends running maximum permitted pressure at all times--this the trick to maximize tread life. I'm ignoring.
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