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Thread: 2011 R1200RT Sirius radio instructions not in my audio system manual

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    Unhappy 2011 R1200RT Sirius radio instructions not in my audio system manual

    I bought a 2011 R12RT w/ audio system, including SiriusXM radio, but the audio system manual that came with the bike has no instructions on the SiriusXM feature. I did find out how to locate my Radio ID to transfer my subscription from my Zumo 665 to the BMW audio system, but I'm limited to channels 2-17 and can't find how to access the channels I really prefer listening to on the road. The limitation is a result of my ignorance of the operation of the audio system, not a limitation on my subscription with SiriusXM.

    I did find on a K1600 forum how to access my radio id, and other instructions on use of the SiriusXM feature, but those instructions are for the most part specific to the K1600s with their wider, more informative screens. The button panel and wonderwheel on the RT are not very user friendly for this sadly aged soul. Can anyone explain how to access all available Sirius channels on the RT? Thanks.
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    They gave you the wrong manual.

    The same thing happened to me. When I got a manual that did have the needed info, it was in french! Fortunately I found that bit of info before I left the dealer though.
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    Part number for audio manual that does cover Sirius is
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    push or pull the jog for a couple of seconds and it will jump to the next bunch of selections. For some reason they seem to have split the channels by music type.

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