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Thread: 1978 R100/7 best tires?

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    I know it's dangerous but I'm going on the presumption that if I go with a 3.25H19 front and 4.00H18 rear I won't have any problems with clearance.
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    Make it a 4.00H18 and you'll be just fine!!
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    They just put those 8 and 9 keys too close together.

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    I'm riding on the Michelin Activ series. Those tires are the best. And well priced. Very nice in the corners and the straights.
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    Tires mentioned all work fine

    I would say that all the tires mentioned work just fine, buy them in the right size and check the tire pressure on a regular basis. I have a bunch of airheads and have preferred the Avons. On my personal 1977 R100/7 I usually ride with full luggage and probably way to much junk, I run 34 up front and 38 in the rear. No complaints on wear or cornering.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 20774 View Post
    What size where those front tires? I doubt a 90/90 tire will rub the brace on a /7 (the OPs bike). But going to a 100/90 (not really recommended) might. The larger tire doesn't really help actually may hurt handling due to the poor geometry and creating more turn-in force.

    Now the /6 is definitely a different story...different brace at some point.
    Right....the 90/90 is what the owner had to install to get the clearance needed. I use the 100/90 on my /5's. The horse shoe brace doesn't get anywhere near the tire sidewall on the /5's. For several years there, the inch size tires were going the way of the dinosaurs. They seem to be more readily available now than 8 or 10 years ago.

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    Thumbs up Michelin Pilot Activ's

    Very satisfies!!!
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    Michelin Tires fro my R100/7

    I found the Michelins in the factory original inch sizes at where they are slightly less expensive as that mentioned above, and they advertise free shipping on any order over $100. I had purchased tires from them for another item (my trailer) and they were perfect to deal with. Prompt shipping, curteous, and price was better than I could find anywhere else.

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    Avon Road Riders on my /6

    In the correct inch size no clearance problems in the front. Coming up on 10k miles w/out a problem except they slip on wet manhole covers. I've heard good things about the Michelin Pilot Active, but that they are a bear to mount. I removed the old Metzlers and put the Avons on myself without too much of a problem and only longer tire irons, dish soap and a sunny day.

    If someone reports good luck mounting the Michelins at home, I may try them next.
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    Michelin mounting at home

    I helped my son install a pair of them on his K bike.

    Took the best of 6 hours and 3-4 hands - and that is with "rim protectors" and some good tire irons!

    He didn't want to use any "soap" or anything else because later he was going to use the ceramic beads for balancing.

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