I recently posted inquiring as to a problem with coolant overflowing out of the recovery tank on my bike. PGlaves recommended replacing the coolant filler cap. I ordered a new cap and two gaskets as shown in my Clymer manual and also on a BMW parts microfiche. The problem I have is that the cap is different than the one on my bike, although it does screw on OK. I can't figure out where the gaskets go. My old cap had no gaskets(maybe that was part of the problem?). The larger gasket fits down inside the cap, although it is a loose fit, but I can't figure out where the smaller gasket goes. It does match up with the smaller part of the cap that goes down inside the filler neck, but I don' know how to secure it to the end. Is it secured with silicone or some other adhesive? Anyone with experience with this problem? Thanks in advance for any help.