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Don't you just love when Tony Stewart throws his helmet at that car in that short clip? I think they call it passion in racing! In a non-racing environment work place you get either reprimanded and/or fired. Why the difference I wonder? Does the standard business not believe in passion? The problem in most dealerships is no one is filled with passion therefore the quality of customer care degrades.

I visited a Harley store recently, an extremely large one. I walked around for 5 minutes (yes, I clocked it) and not a single individual said anything to me. I decided to leave but then made the decision to walk around another 5 minutes as surely someone would acknowledge my presence. After a full 10 minutes with zero employees recognizing they had a warm body within the store I left. Never ceases to amaze me. Then they wonder why the P&L is performing so poorly. I prefer to leave my money with dealerships that have actually trained the help to say something to me.
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Actually no, I don't love it when one driver assaults another for some perceived affront or miscue. And I'm not sure what crap service at a Harley dealership has to do with NASCAR. But we seem to agree on oil. Lastly, both Scott and Droot make valid points.