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Thread: Trying to Locate a Former Independent Dealer in Niles ,MI

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    Question Trying to Locate a Former Independent Dealer in Niles ,MI

    I'm trying to find an independent repair shop who did work for me in the past but the number I had for him has been disconnected. I was wondering if anyone has any information on him. His name was Kurt Przbysz and he was located in Niles, MI. He use to be at Surry Motors but when I spoke with him last fall he told me he was working out of his home now. Any info on him would be greatly appreciated.

    Is there another part of the site I should post this on for greater exposure?


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    Post it in the "Regional Midwest" section (but leave it here too).

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    You could ask your question on ADVriders site in the regional form, central. Look for the west Michigan thread. I'm pretty sure there is a guy from Niles who posts on there and would be able to help you. Jerry

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    Check the nearby MOA-affiliated club.
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