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Thread: Wanted to "Rent" R1200RT in Oregon for Rally week

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    Wanted to "Rent" R1200RT in Oregon for Rally week

    Looking at renting my bike R1200RT (2011 or newer) in Oregon for the Rally week, instead of riding mine from Rhode Island.
    Flying to and from, tent camping along the west coast.
    I've found Motoquest and Dubbelju, I'd rather rent from a BMW cycle shop.
    Any ideas or suggestions would be much appreciated.
    Originally I was going to ship mine out, then ride back, but that got expensive, and would leave me without my cycle for too long.
    Plus, I'll be able to do more saltwater fishing in July in the Ocean State!
    Thanks all,

    Reel Job

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    Check the Member Opportunity listing:

    There's one listing for rentals in Oregon. A couple others for the Pacific NW.
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    BMW of Western Oregon is a reputable dealer with a shop in Tigard, Oregon. Tigard is a suburb of Portland. Motoquest is renting out of their shop.

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    Thanks Bob
    I found that out today!
    excellent, now if I can get them to return my calls>

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