Hey guys, new BMW owner in the Olympia area.

Came over from an Aprilia Tuono. Finally realized that, being 6'5", what I really needed was a 1200GS (and when I first got the Tuono, what I really wanted was a K1200R, but that's a whole other story), so I traded the Tuono back in December for a new 2012 GSA from the fine folks at South Sound BMW and joined the MOA at the Seattle IMS the same day. Loving it. Looking to get into some adventure stuff as the weather gets warmer. Registered for the PSS Off-Road course coming up this weekend, and the AltRider Ride the Hoh trip in August. Will be down at the rally in July. The Tuono was fun, but I don't think I ever saw another Aprilia in the five years I owned it (no joke). On the BMW it's like I'm part of a group of friends, all with stories and tips to share, be it for an R, a GS, or an RT, we're all boxer buddies (whoa, wait a minute...).

Been lurking on ADVRider since last summer when I first hatched this crazy plan of getting a bike worth more than my truck and then riding it off into the wilderness. I'm SwissFreek over there. Now, if only I could figure out how to change my username to that here. How come I didn't get to pick???

Anyway, see you guys around the Sound and Peninsula...