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Thread: MC Choices, Choices! So Many Choices!!! Help me decide...

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    MC Choices, Choices! So Many Choices!!! Help me decide...

    Update-I bought a 2012 G650GS...

    Help me out here:
    I'm a life long rider & just sold my R1150R & was seriously considering a scooter(senior years thing un huh...) until I watched my MC go down the hill in the other guy's PU truck. Even @ 69 the $$$ is hot in my hands & the web searches are ticking my wife off(as in taking all of my attention) as I devour the many used MC locales online. My health remains good so throwing a leg isn't an issue,bad back is "hanging in there",enough of that stuff!
    I know how to look for a MC,etc,etc.. I pull my own wrenches. What I'm asking about is input from those that have owned/own 2009-2012 G650GS or F650GS MC's. I've also considered the F800 bikes like ST. All of these are lower or lowered via suspension and/or seat.
    That's my affordability spot plus as my inseam is 29" and short arms I want to handle the MC at rest. Lower center of G is a plus too. I rode the new 2012 Suzuki Wee-Strom 650 last summer & really like them other than they are a tall MC. Spirited enough amt. of power for travel & tossable bike too.With the oilhead I was on tip toes on level ground with low seat option.Underway, a great ride. There are plenty of these to look at especially the G650GS MC. Easy enough to buy below , say 2,000 miles and many well under that-typical of MC thing in lower price range, I suppose. My purchase will very likely be a fly & ride within a broad search. If the machine & price are right , ~ $200 ticket gets me there& fun ride home! No, I'm not a backyard buyer.
    I well beyond power freak stage in life but all my riding is all day trips or longer,no dirt-when I'm in the woods I use Merrell's My /5 project is still just that & not going anywhere this summer.
    One seller advised me to buy a "regular" suspension and lower via dogbone ,etc. for resale issue, clearance. Another has a lowered 800ST and no centerstand & thats a weld up mod thing thats doable but still not there now on that MC. I like the "look" of the 650's that have spokes vs the Japanese looking cast wheels on recent version but can buy a 2012 for nearly same price as a 2009 with similar low miles. Only a few have luggage which I do have to have sidecases some how & top case.
    I've read some but obviously just a smidgeon of the immense amt. of info on various tech issues with these MC's. I'm pretty greasy but rather ride than tear down too!
    Help me decide via your experience and thanks in advance !!!
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