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Thread: Throttle Tube Allignment?

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    Throttle Tube Allignment?

    My 77/84 RS has a single cable into the throttle housing with the chain pull to the throttle tube.

    The gear with the chain attached has a alignment mark but the throttle tube does not have a mark to go by.

    Can someone count the gear teeth on the throttle tube and tell me where the mark should be.

    I need a starting point to set the two marks in cinque.

    Thanks in advance!
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    I just did this goat-rope on my R69S...I replaced the throttle tube but there was no mark. When taking the original apart, it was not possible to see where things aligned. IIRC, the throttle tube has teeth only part way around. So, I made sure that the alignment was such that I was catching the throttle tube teeth as early as possible and based upon the rotation would go all the way around. Critical was that there was no perceived slop in the grip before I could see the carb slide begin to rise. On the CV carbs, you'll have to watch for the butterfly mechanism on the inside of the carbs.

    Mine was a dual cable into the housing which made it very difficult to get both both cable ends in their slots while hovering the throttle perch top and getting it down into the teeth. It took many tries...and I'm still not sure it's least from this point, I have to just move one item one tooth if I decide to make a change.

    Not what you wanted, but something to think about.
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    tube alignment

    If you look at the tube, you'll see a slot that is captured by the lid on the assembly. So if you line up the cable and chain assembly so that there is no slack in the chain, then you can slide the tube on to mate the gears with the slot at it's stop (towards the rear) where the throttle should be when closed. Put the cap on and test to make sure that you don't have any slack in the gearing.

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