I have a K75RT with 21,000 miles on it that I have not had long and know little about. I hope to leave Memphis on the first of July, ride to Winnipeg, then over Hwy 1A to Vancouver, and on down to Salem for the rally. I have a Clymer manual and will do all recommended service before I leave. I have my anonymous book and a BMW tool kit. I will ride on paved roads and hope to find that there will be dealers along the way to help me with any needed parts and repairs. I would like some advice on what I can do before departure to make it more probable that I can make such a trip on such an old bike with few mechanical problems. I know what a wrench is for but I am not one of those guys who can do major mechanical work along side of the road. What spare parts and extra tools should I take along?
I will be camping most nights and have never made such a long motorcycle trip before. I would like any advice that I can get.

Hope to see you at the rally.

Steve Price

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