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Thread: New Owner (Cambridge, MA). First Problem!! 1990 K75C

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    New Owner (Cambridge, MA). First Problem!! 1990 K75C

    Hi All,

    Pleasure to be here. I had some trouble logging in to the forum this week, so thanks to all who greeted me on the facebook page. Now that I'm in, let me introduce my 1990 K75C...and its oil leak. I got great advice on the facebook about dealing with it, but as I mentioned there, unfortunately I'm mechandicapped (ie. mechanically challenged) and wouldn't even know how to begin to tackle this issue (though I'd like to learn). So the bike is currently in the shop awaiting diagnosis (and awaiting...and awaiting...been there since Monday). The second picture shows how much oil dripped out in about a four hour period. Any guesses? It had been dripping consistently for about a week prior. Is that a serious amount of oil, or would it still be drivable? Just to add background info: I bought the bike last November (sans leak), stored it indoors all Winter, and got it inspected/tuned up (oil change, etc.) about a month ago. The leak began after I started riding it daily a few weeks ago.
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