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Thread: New Owner (Cambridge, MA). First Problem!! 1990 K75C

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    New Owner (Cambridge, MA). First Problem!! 1990 K75C

    Hi All,

    Pleasure to be here. I had some trouble logging in to the forum this week, so thanks to all who greeted me on the facebook page. Now that I'm in, let me introduce my 1990 K75C...and its oil leak. I got great advice on the facebook about dealing with it, but as I mentioned there, unfortunately I'm mechandicapped (ie. mechanically challenged) and wouldn't even know how to begin to tackle this issue (though I'd like to learn). So the bike is currently in the shop awaiting diagnosis (and awaiting...and awaiting...been there since Monday). The second picture shows how much oil dripped out in about a four hour period. Any guesses? It had been dripping consistently for about a week prior. Is that a serious amount of oil, or would it still be drivable? Just to add background info: I bought the bike last November (sans leak), stored it indoors all Winter, and got it inspected/tuned up (oil change, etc.) about a month ago. The leak began after I started riding it daily a few weeks ago.
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    Looks like the oil filter cover is leaking. A shop should be able to fix it easily.

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    My brother is the worse mechani-capped person I know. He once asked me tohelp him remove a stuck cassette tape from the player (back in 1989). He doesn't own any tools because he wouldn't know how to use it.

    Everyone has limitations and depends on yours. The 3 allen bolts you see is literally all you have to work with, if you're comfortable. The O-ring inside is a few dollars at any BMW Motorcycle dealer, or can be bought on-line. Be nice to get a torque wrench to avoid overtighten, which I have done a few times on cars in the past.

    I hate giving the shop $60-120/hr for stuff I can see and do. Some stuff is just easier to have the shop do it, some stuff I find therapuetic doing it myself. Some I'm just too cheap to part with my money so I try, like my handle bar flex which is becoming a pain in the axx.

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    If you decide to do it yourself, have a drain pan to catch the 3-4 quarts of oil that will come out. The three bolts take very little torque. A good inch pound torque wrench is advised.

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    Before you go taking that cover off I would

    Get a manual on it so that you have an understanding of how to remove and reinstall the cover and the proper torque range for the bolts. You also want to know what to look for that would cause the oils leak. Things such as O-ring not replaced, o-ring was damaged when it was replaced, crack in or damage to the cover, cover was not tightened and the worse case scenario would be stripped threads on the oil sump for those 3 screws.

    It is my understanding that the removal of that cover also drains the oil sump! If that's the case you will need more than a shop rag to contain the drips.

    Is the bike at the shop that performed the services(oil change was one)for you when you purchased the motorcycle? If so they may have forgotten something or worse damaged something and are delaying the inevitable. Or they are simply to busy to fix their mistake.

    It may or may not be a quick and easy fix especially if the oil leak is a result of a mistake during the recent oil change that was performed.

    If the shop is the same one that did the work and they are just sitting on the return repair then I would seriously looking around for another shop to fix it and send the bill to the original shop.

    Hate to be the preacher of doom or the devils advocate but you need the facts. Call your shop and explain to them you want a diagnosis on the oil leak and if it was caused by them you want it fixed correctly and for free.

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    It is actually a different shop than the one that performed the oil change. The reason for the long delay is that they are super backed up right now. But I'll wait to see what their diagnosis is before determining what to do next. I do have the manual, and in the future I'm hoping to venture into minor maintenance. I actually joined the MOA so I could start posting this kind of thing and getting advice, but due to log in issues earlier this week I decided not to wait any longer. Thanks for the tips everyone.

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    Hi ATZ840 (real name?)

    Hopefully it's just the O ring. I'd do that first and clean it up to see if the problem goes away. If it leaked that much oil sitting still (engine not running) - chances are good it is. If that's not it, it may be the oil seal in your oil/water pump (I think I see some fresh looking oil at the weep hole..) That's a lot bigger job, and if you're not comfortable with wrenching, this is one to leave to a pro.

    Also - I'm adding the year/model to your thread title. The better your question is - the better the answers will be, first you have to get people to spot and open the thread, so model/year is good info to have. Please take a look at:

    Good luck, and please let us know what the resolution is.. that info helps other people later who may have the same problem.

    Best regards,
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    Before I purchased my k75, a friend gave me an Yamaha XS750 that had an oil leak that was a real challenge for a few days. Coming out in the morning, I would find a pool of oil under the bike. I would clean up the mess and check for leaks. Nope. No leaks. Nuthin. So off I would ride. No leaks were found when I was on the road and no leaks when I would first get home. The next morning I would again have a lake under my bike. Drove me nuts!

    All of my friends are practical jokers. Could they be pouring oil on the concrete under my bike? Is this pay back time for all the jokes I played on them over the years?

    No and no again. The drain plug had been tightened down just a little to tight, giving the oil pan a very, very small hairline crack that did not leak when cold and was extremely difficult to spot. When I would park the bike at night, the hot oil would drain into the pan and expand the metal and start a leak. The oil and engine would cool down overnight and I would not have a leak the next morning.

    So my question to you is this, Did they torque the bolts down too tight and crack the oil pan?
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