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Thread: Front Wheel Bearings R12GSA - How To Change

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    Front Wheel Bearings R12GSA - How To Change

    Someone walk me through the procedure to change the two front wheel bearings on an 06 R1200GSA. I have a slide hammer will several sizes of internal expanding pullers, but they're from China and cheapo. Might, might not fit or grip. Do I heat the hub first? Heat gun hot enuff? Torch better?

    What kinda puller do I need to get the old ones out?

    Put the new ones in the freezer first?

    How to install? Use a press, i.e. bottle jack and 2x4 braced against a basement floor joist? Use old bearing to push in new bearing? Is it safe to use a hammer and the old bearing to drive in the new one, or is a press required? Heat the hub first?

    What else am I missing? What can I screw up?
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    Heating the drum and then pulling the bearing out with a puller is the way to do it. The puller pulls on the inside race while bearing against the drum edges just outside the outside race. I have found that freezing the bearing should be adequate but some heat on the drum should help the bearing then fall in without much if any pressing. Whatever you do, don't press or tap on the inside race when inserting the new bearing.
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