My wife and I were on a 3100 mile trip. I ended up pumping 3 gallons of water at the premium pump at the Wares Valley Road Shell Station in Pigeon Forge, TN. Bike died less than 500 yards away from the Shell Station. I had it towed via flatbed to Ultimate Motorsports in Knoxville, but they closed down two months ago. As there were no other dealers in Knoxville, ended up 170 miles later, at 11PM at Pandora's in Chattanooga. Thanks to Dave Coral in Knoxville for his sage advice and help via the phone!

Next morning at 8:30AM and before official opening time, I'm there at Pandoras chatting with the staff about my bike problem. Service Manager Brian got me in at 9:30, and the tech drained the full 5 gallon tank and found that I did in fact pump 3 gallons of water into the tank instead of gas. After a thorough cleaning and check up, by 11:30AM, I was out the door with a GREAT running bike.

I sincerely wish to thank the crew at Pandora's for their efficient service in getting me in and out so quickly, and I would encourage my fellow riders to avoid that Shell station at 632 Wears Valley Road. After $800.00 in towing and repair bills, the dealer has assured me of prompt reimbursement of my expenses, and I was told that eight other customers ended up with tanks of water instead of premium fuel.

Can't ever underestimate the value of having a great dealer around to help you out!