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    Smile Audio Impaired

    Just purchased an 05 K1200 LT equipped with single and 6 disc CD, AM/FM, Garmin GPS and Sirius XM. This is all new to me as my R1150RT had nothing except my ipod which plugged into ear buds. My question for you audio experts: Is it possible to receive sounds from all the mentioned accessories going through my ear buds rather than the speakers. I'm hearing challenged (hearing aids) which I never wear when riding but the ear buds with the ipod seem to work great.
    I don't like the speakers at full blast and in the city don't want to disturb the folks parked at a red light next to me. In fact when a youngster pulls next to me and has a subwoofer designed to raise the tires off the pavement, I usually just shoot them.

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    I don't have any specifics for your K1200, but your solution will either be Bluetooth-related (a wireless connection to your earbuds) or a hard-wired tap from the speaker outputs of the system amplifier. Either way, a good car audio or bike shop can hook you up. Motorcycle manufacturers don't seem to like the idea of a headphone jack. I prefer them, myself, and use both a portable radio and the ipod with in-ear phones. That keeps ambient noise down and I can keep the volume down, too. That approach is illegal in California, by the way.
    The only honest answer to your question is "It depends".

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    mods- ya wanna move this over to Kbrick forum, as the topic is really quite bike-model specific? maybe OP can get some targeted answers over there.
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