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Thread: Leo Vince Mufflers??? for R1150GS

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    Leo Vince Mufflers??? for R1150GS

    I think I've patched and riveted my 8 year old 2 Brothers Racing slip on exhaust for the last time. Has anybody out there had experience with the Leo Vince Oval slip on exhausts from Italy? At $265.00 they represent a good value when compared to the competition....but only if they work as well. I will probably buy another 2 Brothers system but before I spend the extra $200.00 I thought I would ask about the alternatives.

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    No personal experience but if I may offer an opinion only -
    Around here, many of the rockets on Mulholland and up on the Angeles Crest have modified exhausts.
    To my ears, the Leo Vince's sound better than the 2 Bros.
    I've looked right through a couple of 2 Bros (but never seen the innards of a Leo), and I have to think that you need some back pressure.

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    Leo Vince

    I have a Leo Vince on both my 1150GS and KLR and really like the sound.
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