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Thread: Valve adjustment?

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    Usually the only time cams have to be removed is when it's a shim under bucket arrangement. My GPz750 had that. Pain in the ass. This setup doesn't look like shim under bucket.
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    Curious about this also. I just bought one yesterday. Looking at the parts diagram, the followers ride on a pin rather that the tube from 2010 systems. Also the shims are not hemispherical but flat and seem to fit into a recess just above the valve keeper in the top of the valve retainer. They are several dollars cheaper than the previous shims and come in interesting sizes not even numbers. When I take delivery of the bike, I'll know more. I suspect the DVD is not out yet for service, that will be the go to place for information. The manager at my dealer shop has 53K miles on his and no valve adjustment has been needed yet. He said the adjustment was the same basic process as the cam head engine but his failure to know the shims were different leaves things open. Seems pretty stable though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by beecher View Post
    I just bought one yesterday.
    Congrats on the new GS Beech.
    Do you plan to take it to Colorado next year?
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    Checking is easy, just get top dead center:

    Insert the feeler gauge between the valve shim and the follower and check for spec.

    Adjusting is a bit more complicated as the shims need to come out. So do that the cams need to come out.

    Remove the cam cage:

    The cams literally fall out.

    Lift the follower:

    Use a magnet to pull out the shim.

    Reverse to put back together.

    It is a little more complicated than that, but easily doable by the home tech with standard tools.

    By the way, some info you might find useful:


    Link to Tool Lists Download in Word Format!

    Link to Valve Chart!

    Link to Torque Values!


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    Thanks for taking the time to document this Jim and answering this question. I had wondered what lay waiting beneath that valve cover as compared to the screw tappers of my 1150.

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